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Photo Album

Here is a collection of photos taken over the past five years.  We hope that they will stir your curiosity to visit our trail and to come see, with your own eyes, the beauty of nature that ecapsulates it.

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Vignette Bike Passes

By your donation, you contribute to the improvement of the Petit-Témis Trail. The money that you help us raise serves to:

  • Maintain the trail and repair our infrastructure
  • Maintain the rest stops
  • Maintain the campgrounds
  • Support our system of bicycle patrollers
  • Support our bike rental service

The vignette bike passes are available for purchase at the Petit-Témis Corporation office, the Café de la Station at St. Modeste, and from our team of bike patrollers who frequent the trail.


Other Promotional Items

To help promote our trail, you may also be interested in our Petit-Témis shirts, fridge-magnets and wallets that are being sold at the Petit-Témis Corporation office and at the Café de la Station at St. Modeste.