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Here is a collection of photos.  We hope that they will stir your curiosity to visit our trail and to come see, with your own eyes, the beauty of nature that ecapsulates it.



The first bike trail in Canada to cross provincial boundaries, linking Québec and New Brunswick

This gravel path, now reserved for cyclists and pedestrians, spans a distance of 134 kilometers that traces the route of an old railway line. Though it climbs into the hills, the inclines of the trail are gradual and highly accessible, nowhere exceeding a grade of 4%. Rest stops with benches and rain shelters are present all along the trail at regular intervals, and depending on the location, visitor parking is available. Visit our kiosks for information on the services and attractions offered by the local communities that the trail passes through.


Take a ride and rediscover the beauty of nature

The northern section of the Petit Témis interprovincial trail leads one across fields and horse pastures into an expanse of calm forests, marshes and lakes -- a welcome refuge from the bustle of large cities and crowded tourist destinations.  Come explore this tame wildnerness, a hidden gem that calls to outdoors enthousiasts and families alike.